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Can you find a high quality, dependable multimeter for under 100 dollars? This is the question we set out to answer. While the general consensus seemed to be yes, decent multimeters are available below the 100 dollar price point, we wanted to find the very best and discover if we could exceed all expectations at an affordable price. We had a few basic criteria we needed to meet. First, it had to be a decent all-around electrician’s multimeter, no fancy bells or whistles necessary. Just a basic unit that would measure current, voltage and resistance all while delivering reliable, consistent performance. We believe we found all of that and more that in the Fluke 323 True RMS Clamp Meter.

Fluke 323

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This unit impressed us for many reasons, but first and foremost, the Fluke 323 True RMS Clamp Meter’s most obvious feature, its clamp. Useful for situations where you need to know fast whether a fuse is good or bad but don’t have easy access to the fuse box. No need to cut wires, or touch or interrupt the circuit, just clamp on the wire and you can know immediately whether fuses are good or not. The jaw opening can measure the current in a conductor up to 30mm with no chance of touching or interrupting the circuit. The clamp has the additional advantage of allowing you to use the unit hands free.


Fluke 3234.7/5$106.27
TRMS eM860T4.8/5$64.95
Klein Tools MM10004.5/5$79.99
Extech EX4203.3/5$56.14
TekPower TP9605BT4.2/5$55.99
TENMA 72-9385No Ratings Yet$68.00
Extech EX4304.3/5$78.38

Of course, we had to examine its feel and usability and here too, the 323 impressed us. This unit was clearly designed to fit comfortably in the hand while still being intuitive and easy to use. It also wins out on size over much larger units, its space saving size is small enough to fit in a tool pouch without crowding other tools or instruments while still providing readings just as accurate as much larger and more expensive meters. Operation is simple, the jaws of the clamp on this unit open and close easily and the dial operates smoothly as well. Overall, this multimeter feels solid and sturdy, like it could take the wear and tear of banging around inside a tool pouch and still deliver readings as accurate and precise as the first day you used it.

A perfect meter for HVAC diagnosis, the Clamp Meter reads for temperature, ohms, continuity, frequency, and capacitance. Also featuring a continuity sensor that beeps loudly, leaving no doubts as to whether the circuit conducts electricity. The 323 helps you speed though multiple circuit checks, you can connect, listen for the beep and move on quickly. This unit makes it easy for you to get the readings you need and get the check done in a minimum amount of time.

Now for the nitty gritty details. As you would expect, the 323 features true RMS providing the most accurate readings possible when measuring linear or non-linear signals. The 323 can measure AC current up to 400 amp, AC and DC voltage to 600 volt, and resistance to 4 kilohms. It comes with test leads, a soft case and a user’s manual, which is also available to download for easy access on your cellphone or mobile device.

Can you find a meter with more features? We’re sure that you can, but how many extras and doodads do you really need? And more importantly, how much are you willing to spend for them? The 323 is a powerful, accurate multimeter priced under $100 that will meet the needs of 99% of all electrical technicians and HVAC workers. We think you will be just as pleased as we were with the Fluke 323 True RMS Clamp Meter.

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