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As technology expands, forcing manufacturers to provide more features for less money, gadgets across all fields are starting to become more powerful, accurate, and cheaper to produce. With the right information, one can find a quality budget option for any device they require in today’s market. This applies to the multimeter market as well, as there is a considerable selection of quality multimeters available for under $50, making effective personal electrical work much more accessible than it used to be. That said, if there is one model that stands out as a quality budget option, it would be the INNOVA 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter.


INNOVA 33204.4/5$27.64
Etekcity MSR-P6004.1/5$17.99
Etekcity MU6004.0/5$12.98
Etekcity MSR-U10004.5/5$39.98
Uni-Trend Uni-t UT202A4.6/5$18.49
Uxcell a15080700ux02654.5/5$19.99
Etekcity MSR-R5004.4/5$16.88


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INNOVA 3320 Auto-Ranging DMM Review

Feature Impressions

Using this multimeter, one cannot help but notice the range of visual and internal features that make it comparable to much pricier units. It is small, pleasant to handle, and easy to store. The INNOVA 3320 also boasts a large and clear LCD display, making it a breeze to read measurements with. Perhaps the most impressive thing about this low cost multimeter is that it is shockingly accurate across a broad range of currents, which its capacity to measure is commendable alone. Compared with a $300+ unit, it managed to provide nearly identical readings for DC and AC voltage measurements, while having an equally accurate battery testing feature that a lot of low cost units lack. One nice visual feature to mention is the LED lights that line along the center dial to indicate the state of a measured battery, making battery readings gaugeable at a glance.

Another area it performs above standard in lies in its auto-ranging feature. Within the budget market, many low cost auto rangers can be slow in finding the needed DCV range. However, this unit manages to perform fairly on par with other high end units in terms of speed. Auto-ranging for DC is measurable between 0-600 volts, this capacity also applies to AC voltage. The auto-ranging feature also applies to resistance and AC mA, and other ranges, making this unit very a very flexible budget auto-ranger in general.

Something to remember is that in most stores, this budget multimeter currently only costs between $35-$27 on average. That said, it’s going to fumble in some areas. Out of the factory, this Equus manages to provide nearly accurate measurements, but it does require some calibration at times. However, after accessing the circuit board and making the minor adjustments needed, it manages to function without any hiccups.

Hobbyist, Beginner, and Professional Applications

With its limitations in mind, this meter is more than perfect for casual measuring purposes. With its battery tester capable of reading currents between 1.5 volt to 12 volt batteries, it is a capable meter that can provide readings for car batteries on a whim. In fact, it’s capacity to measure car batteries is thought to be the feature that makes it the top selling multimeter on Amazon. Looking at its overall capabilities, it is easy to say that this multimeter was probably designed for hobbyists to a degree. The auto-ranging enables users to simply measure without the need for setting the dial, a feature that definitely aids those that are less experienced.

Hobbyists will also be able to make great use of the surprisingly broad range of high end features that they would not normally have access to. Pulse width, frequency, temperature probe, tachometer, duty cycle, dwell, and data hold capabilities make it applicable for professional use. Additional features include a continuity tester that produces a clear beep to indicate wire quality. A built in stand to keep it upright on its own, and a strap to secure it in your hand. Corner guards to protect the internal components from impacts. Plus, it would not be efficient at car battery reading without coil-on-plug systems.

Overall, this device provides immense value for what it’s worth. It is very easy to see why it is the best selling multimeter on Amazon, as the Equus 3320 provides features and accuracy that is almost hard to believe.

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