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Every garage should have a tire inflator in it. There are just too many reasons and causes that require the need of a good, quality inflating machine. In fact, many people choose to store them in the trunk of their vehicles as an emergency option. You see, we all have the occasional tire flat that takes us by surprise from time to time. How discouraging it must be to rush out the front door in the mornings to discover a massive flat on the front end of your car? For those that have their own personal air pumps, it’s an easier process as they merely plug in the machine, fill the tire with air again and immediately take it to the tire shop to locate the leaking source. However, for the busy person that doesn’t own an air pump, they must endure the painstaking process of removing the flat tire, jacking up the car, screwing on the dingy spare tire and then driving to the nearest tire shop. As for that eight o’clock appointment? You can forget that. The valuable point here is this: it will save you tons of time and money to always have a good air machine handy whether you keep it at home or in the trunk of your car. Are you unsure of where to look or which ones to buy? Don’t worry! We have compiled a list of personal air pumps that we believe are great selections and worth the money.

(And let’s also keep in mind that these air pumps are not only needed for tires but they also serve well for other important tasks such as pumping air mattresses, footballs, basketballs, inflatable pools and so much more!)


Black & Decker ASI3003.6/5$39.99
Campbell Hausfeld MP60003.8/5$19.80
Kensun YS-2053.9/5$39.99
Slime 400224.1/5$29.99
Goodyear i80004.1/5$46.29

Black & Decker ASI300 Inflator.

Black & Decker ASI300

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On Amazon, the Black & Decker tire inflator actually has the lowest star rating of all of the machines that will be listed here. It is rated at a decent 3.6 stars. This convenient air station is priced at $39.99 and offers free shipping. (The total savings adds up to $52.95 as the original price was $92.44!)

Once the package arrives at your doorstep, it will have plenty of items in it. It comes with the air station inflator, needle inflator, standard nozzle, an extension nozzle, 12-volt cord and plug and a 120-volt cord and plug. This handy device also has a two year warranty! So, if something is faulty or inoperable in the new air machine, it can be easily replaced, fixed or your money refunded as long as it is under that two year warranty.

On the black and orange colored machine itself, it has an “easy” air dial that automatically shuts off when the item has reached its optimum air pressure. Of course, you must remember to type in the desired air pressure amount for it to automatically know when to shut off. However, this convenient action allows for less stress and worry as it alleviates the concern of over inflation.

The ASI300 portable air machine only weighs a light six pounds. This guarantees the effortless use and versatility of the product. It can be used virtually anywhere that has access to a power outlet or the lighter socket in your vehicle.

What if you’re ever in the dark? Don’t fret. The Black & Decker inflator has a glow-in-the-dark, red-faced gauge that is super easy to see in the darkest of places. Whether you are stuck on the side of a darkened highway or are trying to set up camp in the black night of the woods, the glowing gauge makes it simple to perform the needed air pumping task at hand.

Finally, the Black & Decker ASI300 reaches the air pressure power of 160 PSI. This measurement and power only means that this small air machine packs a punch! It will suit your needs of nearly any inflation task or job. Whether you’re trying to quickly fill up the air mattress for the cozy tent at your campsite or need to perk up the sluggish basketball that is lacking enough air, the Black & Decker ASI300 will support your needs!

Campbell Hausfeld MP6000 Tire Inflator with Gauge.

campbell hausfeld mp6000 tire inflator with gauge

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This tire inflator is quite different from the Black & Decker ASI300. Priced at a small $12.52 with a star rating of 3.8, the Campbell Hausfeld MP6000 is a manual air pump that requires a little more work, (but not much!) and involvement. In other words, if you prefer to do things the old fashioned way, the more precise way or in the professional way, this may be the best option for you!
This air pump gadget comes with the inflation gun, gauge and chuck all in one convenient accessory. It’s all connected in a handheld gadget that makes it incredibly easier to keep up with rather than trying to constantly locate parts and pieces that generally come along with the electrical air pumps and inflators. Amazon states that this air gun has a built-in relief valve for when reducing pressure in tires that have been over inflated. It has a flexible hose and a clip-on design that allows for a hands free experience while operating the chuck.

Keep in mind that whereas the Black & Decker had a 160 PSI pressure power, this smaller device has a gauge range of 10-150 PSI pressure power. However, only 10 PSI less than the electrical option is not a bad deal! It will still effectively and easily get the job done.

The Campbell Hausfeld is super easy to operate and use. If you are trying to inflate a car tire, just simply place the chuck on the tire air stem, pull the chuck’s lever and fill. It’s as easy as that! As for the record pressure, the gauge will accurately keep the pressure measurement when you remove the chuck from the tire air stem. It will only erase the air pressure reading once you touch the reset button.

This is a handy device that is crucial for maintaining proper tire health and longevity. Check it out today.

Kensun YS-205 Tire Inflator

Kensun YS-205

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The Kensun Portable Air Compressor is rated at a spectacular 4.0 on Amazon. In fact, this beast of an air inflator was originally priced at a whopping $299.99 but is now for sale at an incredibly low price of $39.99! That is a savings of $250.00! Wow! (That deserved a little bit of recognition.)

This air machine is a multi-functioning inflator that operates under the DC 12V or AC 110V. In other words, it’s quite powerful. It has been tested and pumps with the pressure power of up to 250 PSI. So far, that’s our strongest review yet on these tire inflators. It can successfully inflate 33 inch tires with a speedy air flow rate.

Even better? This powerful, little air machine only weighs 4.9 pounds! That’s an entire pound lighter than the Black & Decker version.

This bargain priced product has a long cord that reaches lengths of nearly 10 feet with the vehicle lighter plug and the AC plug offers nearly 7 feet in length. It comes with 3 nozzle adapters that make it easy to use for nearly anything around the house and vehicles! This powerful, hand machine will inflate nearly anything such as the toughest of tires to beach balls to air mattresses to pool accessories and so much more!

Due to it’s higher PSI power and lighter mobility, this is a favorite by far. You can’t beat the major cash savings on the Kensun YS-205 either! That $250.00 in savings still rings a tune to our ears.

Slime 40022 Tire Inflator

Slime 40022

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The Slime Digital Tire Inflator is a clever little device. With a star rating of 4.1, it weighs in only at a mere pound! Yes, it’s a very light, small fellow. On Amazon, it is listed at a cheap $29.99. That price holds closer to the original price as the savings are only $5.00, but hey, that’s still $5.00 of savings.

Don’t let the light weight fool you. This tiny machine has many details that are sure to win you over.

First and foremost, it does wonderful for standard tire inflation. It can fill the tire of a mid-sized car in approximately 6 minutes. Because it is digital, it can automatically shut off when the desired air pressure is reached. You will simply insert the desired pressure level on the machine and press the button to activate it. It has a maximum air pressure power of 35 PSI. No, it isn’t as big and powerful as the Kensun but it gets the job done!

The Slime comes with the long-lasting and durable LED lighting that enables the device to be easily used at nighttime. We all know how grueling a nighttime tire change can be! Thanks to the digital Slime, you can easily see everything in the dark. It plugs directly into the vehicle’s cigarette lighter for quick and instant power. (Many customers choose to keep the Slime in the trunk of their vehicle since it is such a lightweight. It’s very useful for when you’re on the road and need instant tire treatment.)

Finally, this compact air machine comes with durability and stability as the bottom feet are made of rubber. This ensures stability while applying the air pressure to the tires. Nothing is worse than a floppy air machine that tumbles every time you try to pump air into the tire.

The Slime is probably best for those that are not as familiar with the operations and functions of tires and air pressures. It is super easy to use and easily understandable for the inexperienced. Simply keep this air device in the car for one of those rare flat tire instances and you will be good to go!

Goodyear i8000 Tire Inflator

Goodyear i8000

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Goodyear Tires has always been a number one brand in the rubber and tire business. You shouldn’t expect the quality of their air machines to be any different. With a 4.1 star rating on Amazon, they’re guaranteed to offer the best in service and durability when it comes to their products. The Goodyear Direct Drive Tire Inflator is listed at an inexpensive $46.29 with a total savings of $23.70. That means that the air machine was originally priced at a discouraging $69.99! What a great price it’s listed for now.
Weighing in at 8 pounds, the Goodyear Inflator comes with quite a bit of accessories. It has a 4 foot air hose, a 1 foot rubber air hose, 6 foot power cord, and a 17 foot PVC air hose that has a connect valve attached to the end. This ensures that you can easily reach all vehicle tires in case of emergency.

It also comes with several inflation adapters for a multitude of items such as sporting equipment and inflatable boats and rafts. These plugs will fit into any standard 120 volt outlet for power.

As for the air pressure power, it can inflate up to 150 PSI. This is standard for most tire inflators.

Even better? The air machine motor is very subtle and quiet. There are little to no vibrations which allows for a stress-free use and the ability to speak audibly while it is in operation. How many times have you tried to speak to your partner during a tire inflation process? Normally, it’s impossible due to the loud machinery noise! The Goodyear Tire Inflator has gone above and beyond to ensure that their product is smooth and quiet.

Weighing in at 8 pounds, the Goodyear Tire Machine would be perfect for the home, garage or the vehicle. It has incredible savings with many accessory options that offer the easiest application possible for whatever your situation may be.


Tire machines and air pumps are almost a dire need in today’s time. Especially when it comes to the maintenance and care for our vehicle’s tires. Why spend 3 quarters every time you need to fill your tire with a pump or two of air? How inconvenient is it when you have a flat and can’t easily get to the gas station? This is where the air machines become very handy and are worth every penny you spend. Whether you purchase the powerful Kensun inflator or the dainty, digital Slime inflator, it is wise to always have an air machine nearby. Besides, do you really feel like blowing up that beach ball? Have a lazy moment and use one of your new air machines!

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