Best Small Air Compressor

The Kensun YS-205 possesses the key features desired by people in search of an air compressor that is portable and easy to use. In addition to superb quality, the Kensun YS-205 is lightweight, easy to transport and arrives with a full array of accessories. It is the perfect solution for people who always want to […]

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The Best Tire Inflator

Every garage should have a tire inflator in it. There are just too many reasons and causes that require the need of a good, quality inflating machine. In fact, many people choose to store them in the trunk of their vehicles as an emergency option. You see, we all have the occasional tire flat that […]

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Best Bench Vise

No matter what the project, a good Hand Tool is one of the basic tools for any workshop; yet there are few do-it-yourselfers that give much thought to a quality bench vise. A vise gives more stability when cutting, drilling, or bending, and better safety. This is especially true when working with metal. Choosing the […]

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Best Angle Grinder

Whether you are a licensed mechanic or just handy around the house, often the deciding factor in finishing a project comes down to the tools at your disposal. Yes, skill and experience play a part, but having just the right equipment can make a big difference. After you’ve collected the basics, like hammer, saw, and […]

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Best Circular Saw under $100

The circular saw, also known as a buzz saw, is one of the most important tools in the average tool kit. They can be used to perform numerous tasks with ease, from cutting plastic to metal. When looking for a circular saw, the power of the motor is undoubtedly important. If the tool does not […]

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